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Adelaide 36ers

SKU:22/23 Youth Adelaide 36ers Indigenous Jerseys 6

22/23 Youth Adelaide 36ers Indigenous Jerseys

22/23 Youth Adelaide 36ers Indigenous Jerseys

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Our NBL23 Indigenous has been designed by Monica Turner-Collins, a 17-year-old Anmatyerre/Arrernte woman from Santa Teresa and Yuelamu communities, located in the Tanami desert, is a descendant of a strong line of traditional Aboriginal artists.

The NBL23 design depicts the journey the players have travelled on, it shows the hard work and dedication it has taken the players to be a part of this important night, it celebrates the significance of indigenous round and gratitude for the supporters, coaches, teammates, opposition, and respect to the lands they are playing on.

Turner-Collins, has been living on Kaurna country for almost two years, has been painting from a very young age alongside her grandmother’s mother and aunties. Monica’s artwork reflects her spiritual dreaming’s and her connection to country and culture. Monica uses painting to connect back to her country and culture.

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